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Batteries (deep cycle)

Our preferred Deep Cycle Battery Brands are:
Ultimate AGM
Hoppecke Solar Block Gel / AGM
Haze Solar Gel
Lifeline AGM
Synergy AGM
Trojan Flooded
Endurant Flooded
HiPower Lithium

Are some Deep Cycle Batteries better than others?

We cant stress enough how big the difference is between GOOD,  MEDIUM and POOR quality batteries.

A single 100Amp hour deep cycle battery can cost anywhere from $250 - $650NZ.

Manufacturing costs are cut through:

  • reduced manpower allowing little quality control
  • less attention to detail in design & build
  • using cheaper recycled and impure materials in the manufacture.
  • the manufacturing time may be bare minimum allowing for no attention to detail
  • geographical location of manufacture can vary significantly
  • a fully mechanised factory in China is a far cheaper manufacturer than an American one using real manpower
  • mass production factories producing hundreds of product lines are much cheaper to use that factories dedicated to a single product
  • the process may be fully automated or all or part of the manufacture process undertaken by human hand
The result is batteries will vary greatly in their level of robustness and some will be much more sensitive to the charging/discharging regime and prone to failure.


Batteries will have varying manufacturers use specifications, the recommended depth of discharge will be much shallower in some, the number of discharge cycles to varying depths - say 50% and 100% will be significantly less, and their anticipated design life will be shorter (some are as little as 2 years others up to 10+years).

 If used and looked after (following manufacturers’ recommendations) batteries should last their design life but ultimately battery lifespan depends on the way the battery is used and looked after and if the specifications for use are too tight the battery will be very hard to look after.

Your battery should come with all this information... how deeply it can be discharged, what its design life is, how many cycles you can expect when it's discharged down to varying levels.