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Energy Audits and Smart Planning

  • Recommendations to meet your needs

  • Upgradable systems to meet your changing needs

  • Understand your mobile home power system

  • Make the most of power saving opportunities
  • Ensure charging sources are 100% effective

Know what the best options are for you so you can invest wisely:

      • Should you buy a generator or add solar panels
      • Do you need a bigger battery or more solar
      • Do you need more solar or to change to LED lighting
      • Do you need a 3-stage battery charger, a power supply or both
      • How much power are you really using
      • How much is your solar generating
      • Whats most effective an extra solar panel or changing to LED lighting
      • Should I spend the extra on an MPPT solar controller
      • Is my 12V fridge efficient or should I consider a gas one
      • Do I have enough power to run the heater overnight
 Do these sound like the sort of questions you'd like answers to, if so call and book in for a power system health check.

What will we need to know to begin to make a recommendation on the best system for you:

  • What sort of motorhome do you have
  • What appliances do you have on board
  • Do you have any unusual power needs when freedom camping (microwave, hairdryer, medical machine, etc.)
  • Do you use a computer or TV for long periods of time (how long each day)
  • Do you have or will you need a puresinewave inverter for running mains appliances (what size appliances)
  • Do you already own and use a generator
  • How long do you go away for
  • What time of year do you go away (mainly warmer months or all year round)
  • How often are you happy to go to a camping ground to plug in overnight to recharge
  • How big is your existing battery bank, what type is it, how old is it
  • Are you already running out of power, if so after how long
  • Do you have an existing solar array, if so what size and type of solar regulator do you have
  • What is your existing battery charger or power supply
  • Do you have alternator charging for charging the 'house' batteries while driving
  • What sort of lighting do you have
  • What do you have for monitoring the batteries (voltmeter, battery monitor, etc.)
  • What sort of fridge do you have
There are many variables which go into setting up the system which will best suit you and your motorhome.