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LED Lighting

Below is a chart of the replacement LED bulbs we can supply and a few popular Light Fitting/LED packages. These are just some of the many, many LED lighting options now available.

We recommend these options because through trial and error we've found them to be the most practical solutions to common motorhome lighting issues and these are the bulbs which fit almost all existing motorhome light fittings.

LED bulbs aren't cheap but they have a long life and they reduce power consumption significantly and this is important in a motorhome. Changing your regularly used lights to LEDs can save more power than a mid-sized solar panel can generate on some days.

LED bulbs are available in COOL WHITE and WARM white. Cool white is also called daylight because it's a whiter light. The Cool White bulbs are brighter and generally preferred so usually that's what we stock.

A 100 Lumen LED bulb which replaces a Halogen bulb of the same brightness will use around 1/8th of the power.

Generally people replace halogens with a brighter LED to improve the light output but the power savings are still 75 to 80%.