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Profile - Who we are as a business

Motorhomes & Caravan in the yard at Absolute Power

Absolute Power was established in 2007 by Steve and Veronica Holt-Pedersen and is operated from their home, a lovely 10 acre lifestyle block in Clevedon, rural South Auckland.  

Steve has a great deal of practical experience in building, electrics and mechanics and a professional background in Automotive Engineering. Even prior to establishing Absolute Power he had a strong interest in and good understanding of the various forms of renewable energy.   Veronica's background is in Business Management, Customer Service and Administration.  Both Steve and Veronica have a strong belief that good business is about honesty, transparency and offering customers a truly outstanding service, one they'll talk about and come back to for more.

At Absolute Power...   we're specialists in power systems and appliances for mobile homes and we look at the big picture.  You, your motorhome, what it has on board and what you want a achieve with it is the big picture.  Our recommendations are customised to meet your needs and all components we supply will work well with the other components in the system.

Our goal is not just to meet your needs now... we welcome ongoing contact with you. We want you to be happy with your system, to come back to us when you require further work and to recommend us to other motorhomers you know and meet on the road. We want you to enjoy stress-free freedom camping over the long term and we offer a 5-year guarantee on the workmanship and consumables.

Steve working on the installation of an Eberspacher Diesel Heater

A very important part of our work is information -helping you understand what you want to achieve, how your system works, what you need in place to achieve your expectations and how to extend your freedom camping whilst getting the longest possible life out of your equipment.

If you understand your system you'll make the most of your investment.

The parts we supply and the work we undertake includes:

  • Solar, mains and alternator charging systems
  • Batteries, battery banks and battery monitoring systems
  • LED Lighting and other ways of minimising power consumption
  • All motorhome wiring (230Vac and 12 - 24Vdc)
  • New motorhome appliances and appliance servicing
  • Entertainment systems including TV, DVD, FTA, Satellite TV
  • Motorhome heating (diesel and gas) and waterheating systems
  • Reversing camera systems
  • Troubleshooting, problem solving, energy audits and smart planning for new and existing motorhomes
We can assist you with supply and supply/installation of a massive range of products, some of which are covered in the products/pricing page.

Absolute Power is a completely independent installation and supply company and is not locked in to any single supplier or brand this makes us free to offer a wide range of products without bias.

We dont import our own line of equipment and we dont sell 'one suits all' packages. We believe every customer deserves to get what they want NOT what we want to sell them and we believe that small businesses (like ourselves) importing cheap equipment is ultimately a risk to the end user (that's you). We feel that as a small business we simply dont have the resources to know exactly what's out there and what's worth importing so we leave that responsibility to the large and multi-national companies who have the resources to identify good from bad.

We purchase only from reputable suppliers who use quality components and we deal only with respected brands which are well tested, proven in the field and come with honest warranties.

Below are links to some of the websites of the international brands we support and the NZ Suppliers we purchase from.  Check out their websites and you'll see the professionalism behind their products and services.