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Supply & Installation

Why not just do it yourself or get it done on the cheap?
What's the real value in getting your work done by a professional?


Itís definitely not just about the equipment you use in your motorhome. You also need to know itís installed well with attention to detail and with good quality consumables.

Here are some of the problems D.I.Y. or inexperience can result inÖ

  • if a solar panel is installed incorrectly solar input could be reduced by up to 50%
  • If a solar panel is installed so its shaded by a satellite dish, aircon unit or vent the solar input will be reduced significantly
  • using the wrong solar brackets or fixings could result in vibration damage to the motorhome and the panel
  • using the wrong sized cable could stop your solar, heater or fridge working effectively
  • having insufficient venting on your fridge can damage it and cause dangerous gases to be released inside
  • if your alternator charging isnít set-up correctly you could kill your deep-cycle battery bank
  • Some gas detectors use much more power than others
  • If your fridge isn't wired up correctly for running off the alternator whilst driving it will drain your battery bank
  • Standby loads from poorly set up systems can easily consume more power than a large solar panel generates
  • If your roof isnít well cleaned after a solar installation the roof can quickly begin to rust
  • A simple thing like getting wires the wrong way round can blow fuses or even worse blow up equipment
  • When a new appliance is installed many things can be done wrong... it can be connected incorrectly to the battery bank, the work can upset your solar regulator and battery monitor, the wrong cable size can prevent it from running properly, it may be an appliance which consumes unnecessary power, etc.
  • The list is much longer than this but Im sure you get the idea.

Thereís so much knowledge, such a variety of consumables, so many equipment options and so many specific tools that go into every installation.  Its worth dealing with an experienced professional to make sure you're getting value for money and the results you expect. Weíre happy to give you the benefit of our care and experience.