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System Specification

Specialist Custom Designed Systems

Every motorhome is a little different and every motorhome owner has slightly different expectations and requirements. That’s why systems design is so important. Looking at the power system and every component and appliance in it as a whole will get the best performance out of it and the most satisfaction and value for money for the owner.

Whether you...

  • have a gas fridge or a 12V fridge
  • watch TV for 2 or 6 hours each night
  • have special needs like an inverter running a medical machine
  • intend to run a microwave or a computer onboard
  • will use the motorhome mainly in summer or all year round
  • want to freedom camp for 2 nights or 2 months

… there are so many more examples of your individuality.

We’ll take all these things into account and offer you a system that works and that meets your needs.

A solar power system installation on a motorboat

New Power Systems or Upgrades to Existing

Generally we work on upgrading power system components to existing

motorhomes which may be…

  • new
  • newly imported from overseas
  • recently purchased
  • being improved so the motorhome meets the owners needs
  • being modified to meet 230V NZ standards
  • being modified to add a 12 or 24V DC power system

The work required can be as simple as a solar power system and LED lighting through to a motorhome which requires a full package including alternator charging, mains charging, solar charging, battery bank, LED lighting and new appliances.

Late model motorhomes in the yard at Absolute Power

Motorhomes at Fitout Stage

When it’s a motorhome being renovated at fit-out stage typically the customer comes to us when the motorhome is a shell. We get involved in the planning stage and advise on…

  • where appliances will go
  • what cable sizes will be required
  • what type and brand of appliance will be best, i.e. water heaters,  heaters, fridges, cookers, vents, etc.
  • how the 12V and mains system should be set up including     supplying wiring diagrams
  • how large the various components of the power system should be (batteries, solar, charging, etc.)
  • what lighting will be best, what fittings and where 

We offer package pricing with discounts of up to 10-15% for everything from windows and vents through to fridges and cookers, not to mention the power system components themselves.

The benefit of purchasing such a package through us that we’re independent and deal with all the major suppliers so you can get a package which includes components from all the of following…

At the same discount you’d generally get only if you purchased everything from a single major supplier.

A new fitout at wiring stageWaeco fridge, RSE TV and Eberspacher Diesel Heater

To Meet YOUR Needs and Suit YOUR Motorhome

Depending on what you feel you’re capable of doing and what other trades you have involved, we can be flexible in the way we work with you. Many customers want us to take care of everything, to supply all the components and do the installations and make arrangements for other trades to do their work (i.e. plumbers  & gas fitters, electrical inspectors & self-containment officers)

Some customers have the skills to be more hands-on so they get us to specify the system and  supply the equipment as a oackage. They do the installation of the equipment in their time and then bring the motorhome to us for us to do all the final connections and detail work to be done.

So long as we’re providing the equipment package we’ll be happy to…

  • act in an advisory capacity
  • provide you with wiring diagrams
  • prewire components as possible
  • provide you with all the consumables including:
    • the correct sized cable
    • c/breakers
    • fuseboards
    • switches...
  • provide you with equipment for you to install yourself
  • wire up of equipment you’ve installed
  • undertake the full installation and wiring for you

We recommend you make the most of our experience and the 5 year installation warranty we offer on our work. Personally we prefer to do the entire job and take full responsibility for our work, but we're happy to be flexible if  you have the skills to get involved and save yourself some money.
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